Fuel for Pages

Fuel for Pages is an amazing add-on for Apple’s Pages app. It provides 168 templates in 11 categories.

- Brochures
- Business Cards
- Calendars
- Cards & Invitations
- Envelopes
- Flyers
- Forms
- Letters
- Newsletters
- Reports
- Resumes

All templates are available un US Letter and A4 sizes, except for envelopes, which come in their specific size. Paper size is selected automatically, depending on your region.

Once opened in Pages you can apply your own colors, change fonts, pictures, etc.

Pages - Apple’s word processor is required, so make sure you have Pages app. In order to open any of the templates, you need to have Pages installed on your computer. You can download Pages from Mac App Store. Only reason why you cannot open a template is not having Pages installed on your computer!


Get Fuel for Pages for Mac

Get Fuel for Pages for iPad

001.jpg002.jpg003.jpg004.jpg005.jpgBrochure 001.pngBrochure 002.pngBrochure 003.pngBrochure 004.pngBrochure 005.pngBrochure 006.pngBrochure 007.pngBrochure 008.pngBrochure 009.pngBrochure 010.pngBrochure 011.pngBrochure 012.pngBrochure 013.pngBrochure 014.pngBrochure 015.pngBusiness Card 001.pngBusiness Card 002.pngBusiness Card 003.pngBusiness Card 004.pngBusiness Card 005.pngBusiness Card 006.pngBusiness Card 007.pngBusiness Card 008.pngBusiness Card 009.pngBusiness Card 010.pngBusiness Card 011.pngBusiness Card 012.pngBusiness Card 013.pngBusiness Card 014.pngBusiness Card 015.pngCalendar 001.pngCalendar 002.pngCalendar 003.pngCalendar 004.pngCalendar 005.pngCalendar 006.pngCalendar 007.pngCalendar 008.pngCalendar 009.pngCalendar 010.pngCalendar 011.pngCalendar 012.pngCalendar 013.pngCalendar 014.pngCalendar 015.pngCalendar 016.pngCard 001.pngCard 002.pngCard 003.pngCard 004.pngCard 005.pngCard 006.pngCard 007.pngCard 008.pngCard 009.pngCard 010.pngCard 011.pngCard 012.pngCard 013.pngCard 014.pngCard 015.pngCard 016.pngEnvelope 001.pngEnvelope 002.pngEnvelope 003.pngEnvelope 004.pngEnvelope 005.pngEnvelope 006.pngenvelope 007.pngEnvelope 008.pngEnvelope 009.pngEnvelope 010.pngEnvelope 011.pngEnvelope 012.pngEnvelope 013.pngEnvelope 014.pngFlyer 001.pngFlyer 002.pngFlyer 003.pngFlyer 004.pngFlyer 005.pngFlyer 006.pngFlyer 007.pngFlyer 008.pngFlyer 009.pngFlyer 010.pngFlyer 011.pngFlyer 012.pngFlyer 013.pngFlyer 014.pngFlyer 015.pngFlyer 016.pngInvoice 001.pngInvoice 002.pngInvoice 003.pngInvoice 004.pngInvoice 005.pngInvoice 006.pngInvoice 007.pngInvoice 008.pngInvoice 009.pngInvoice 010.pngInvoice 011.pngInvoice 012.pngInvoice 013.pngInvoice 014.pngInvoice 015.pngLetter 001.pngLetter 002.pngLetter 003.pngLetter 004.pngLetter 005.pngLetter 006.pngLetter 007.pngLetter 008.pngLetter 009.pngLetter 010.pngLetter 011.pngLetter 012.pngLetter 013.pngLetter 014.pngLetter 015.pngNewsletter 001.pngNewsletter 002.pngNewsletter 003.pngNewsletter 004.pngNewsletter 005.pngNewsletter 007.pngNewsletter 008.pngNewsletter 009.pngNewsletter 010.pngNewsletter 011.pngNewsletter 012.pngNewsletter 013.pngNewsletter 014.pngNewsletter 015.pngReport 001.pngReport 002.pngReport 003.pngReport 004.pngReport 005.pngReport 006.pngReport 007.pngReport 008.pngReport 009.pngReport 010.pngReport 011.pngReport 012.pngReport 013.pngReport 014.pngResume 001.pngResume 002.pngResume 003.pngResume 004.pngResume 005.pngResume 006.pngResume 007.pngResume 008.pngResume 009.pngResume 010.pngResume 011.pngResume 012.pngResume 013.pngResume 014.pngResume 015.png